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Juubi Soul is now hiding in your gold coins! Soul reviewed again! Any consumption of gold or coupon will release the Soul of Juubi! Each gold and coupon you spend will give 1 Tailed Beast Soul which will automatically change into Soul of Juubi. When you had met the requirement of the Summoned Beast, they will send you mail to give you their reward for you. When you have enough Juubi Souls, you may receive the wonderful reward from Juubi by activating them!

Kyuubi's Gift

  1. Every 1gold/coupon consumed gives 1 Soul.
  2. Once certain soul amounts is reached you will get coupons (sent via mail).
  3. 24:00 PM server time clears daily Soul.

Beast Soul Needed Coupon Giveaway
1 Tails 50 Kyuubi Soul 10 Coupons
2 Tails 150 Kyuubi Soul 20 Coupons
3 Tails 300 Kyuubi Soul 30 Coupons
4 Tails 550 Kyuubi Soul 50 Coupons
5 Tails 1000 Kyuubi Soul 90 Coupons
6 Tails 2000 Kyuubi Soul 200 Coupons
7 Tails 3500 Kyuubi Soul 300 Coupons
8 Tails 6000 Kyuubi Soul 500 Coupons
9 Tails 10000 Kyuubi Soul 800 Coupons

Juubi's Feedback

  1. During event, every 1 gold/coupon consumed give 1 Juubi Soul.
  2. When Juubi Soul reach certain amount can get Juubi Chest.

Pack Soul Needed Box Content
Pack One 200 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*2
LV 4 Jade Box*1
Treasure Talisman*1
Channeling Scroll*1
Pack Two 500 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*4
LV 4 Jade Box*2
Treasure Talisman*2
Channeling Scroll*2
Pack Three 1000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*6
LV 5 Jade Box*1
Treasure Talisman*3
Channeling Scroll*3
Pack Four 2000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*8
LV 5 Jade Box*2
Treasure Talisman*4
Channeling Scroll*4
Pack Five 4000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*10
Basic Fury Jade*1
LV 6 Jade Box*1
Treasure Talisman*5
Channeling Scroll*5
Pack Six 8000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*14
Basic Fury Jade*1
LV 6 Jade Box*2
Treasure Talisman*6
Channeling Scroll*6
Pack Seven 14000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*18
Basic Fury Jade*2
LV 7 Jade Box*1
Treasure Talisman*7
Channeling Scroll*7
Pack Eight 23000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*22
Basic Fury Jade*2
LV 7 Jade Box*2
Treasure Talisman*8
Channeling Scroll*8
Pack Nine 35000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*24
Basic Fury Jade*3
LV 8 Jade Box*1
Treasure Talisman*9
Channeling Scroll*9
Pack Ten 50000 Soul S Weapon Enhance Talisman*30
Basic Fury Jade*3
LV 8 Jade Box*2
Treasure Talisman*10
Channeling Scroll*10

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