2nd Mizukage Small Grid

It is said that the 2nd Mizukage of Kirigakure in Water Country is the Sage of Genjutsu of Hōzuki clan. Genjutsu of Mirage can be made with the Spirit Beast Clam.




Type Genjutsu Formation Support
Force 800 Growth: 4.0 Chakra 1000 Growth: 4.2
Agility 1200 Growth: 4.6 Power 4000 Growth: 4.2
Talent Yin Release
Increases a certain Dexterity by percent, naturally has 7% Avoid-Injury rate and lower chance of Punch Rate.
Skill Channeling Mirage
Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 215%, restore the caster's Fury by 100 points, prevent the caster's assaulter and support from being stunned for 2 rounds, and dispel negative effects from the caster's allies.
Damage 100% Avoid-Injury 7%
Hit 110% S.Atk 0% Dodge 0% Block 0%
Crit 0% Knock 8.5% Counter 0% Immune 1%


The Second Mizukage -skill (UN)


Caution! - "Use at Lv." does not mean -> Lv.90 after redeem -> he will be Lv.70.