3rd Raikage Small Grid

The 3rd Raikage struggle for the Lightning Country all his life with a very tough figure. The only one who can fight with Tailed Beast hand to hand.




Type Great Jutsu Formation Vanguard
Force 1200 Growth: 4.6 Chakra 800 Growth: 4.0
Agility 800 Growth: 4.1 Power 5000 Growth: 4.5
Talent Cloak of Lightning
Increases a certain Agility by percent, naturally has 15% Speed and 10% Avoid-Injury Rate.
Skill Prowess Spear
Attack enemy support, growing rate 450%, increase caster's assaulters' aid by 65% for 3 rounds, and stun the caster 1 round.
Damage 60% Avoid-Injury 10%
Hit 110% S.Atk 0% Dodge 0% Block 0%
Crit 0% Knock 3.5% Counter 0% Immune 1%


Caution! - "Use at Lv." does not mean -> Lv.100 after redeem -> he will be Lv.80


3rd Raikage
The Third Raikage -skill (UN)

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