4th Kazekage Grid
4th kazekage team

The 4th Kazekage of Sunagakure, he is Gaara's father.




Type: Genjutsu

Formation: Support

Weapon: Scroll

Force: 900 (Growth: 3.4)

Agility: 950 (Growth: 3.3)

Chakra: 1050 (Growth: 4.3)

Health: 4100 (Growth: 3.8)

Punch Rate 2%
4th Kazekage Combat
Earth Release Increase Agility by percent, naturally has 10% Speed Rate and 20% Hit-Rate.
Gold Dust Funeral Attack all enemies, 190% growth rate; reduce enemy support’s Speed by 30% and Hit-Rate by 70% for 3 rounds. There is a big chance to control the enemy supports for 1 round.


4th Kazekage S.atk Grid 4th Kazekage Attack 1 4th Kazekage Attack 2 4th Kazekage Attack 3 4th Kazekage Attack 4 4th Kazekage Attack 5


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