Accessories are a new set of equipment available in Unlimited Ninja world. Accessories are much the same way as the usual equipment. They boost basic attributes, provide set bonus and can be A. Forged (the same way as S. Forge). Accessories are grouped and ranked according to level. Level and rank are based in the dungeons they are dropped found in the Ninja Crusade.

Types According to Parts

There are 8 types of accessories according to parts they are worn. Each bearing certain bonus attribute. Below are the types of accessories:

Slot - Headwear Slot - Jade Slot - Bangles Slot - Glove Slot - Necklace Slot - Talisman Slot - Bracelet Slot - Ring

Types According to Attributes

Accessories are divided into 4 types based on the attributes they boost. Below are the accessories grouped according to attributes they boost:

Force Chakra
Headwear Jade
Necklace Talisman
Agility Power
Bangles Glove
Bracelet Ring

Set Bonus

Much like the usual equipment, accessories have set bonus too. Only this time, they only need 2-piece to activate them. Currently there are 4 set bonus in each Accessory rank (Ranks are the colors accent of the accessories). Set bonus vary per set and rank. For more information regarding Set Bonus, please check Accesories List.

A. Forge

Another characteristic of accessories akin to the usual equipment is that they can be forged. Forging accessories is called A. Forge. Like the S. Forge, they require particular equipment (accesory on A Forge) and the required materials. When an accessory is A Forged, their basic stats is increase and their set bonus is enhanced too. For more information on A. Forge and the materials needed for each accessories, please check
A Forge List.

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