Account Protection is a function added to give your account added security in case of a breach in your account. This is separate from your account used to log into the game.

There are 3 Options to choose once you set your password. (NOTE: Your password for this should NOT be the same as your account password.)

- Unlock this Login: Every time you log in you will have to put in the password you set in order to sell things from your bag or dismiss any of your ninjas.

- Unlock the current machine permanently: You can choose this option if you use this computer often and is recommended that you only use this feature on your personal computer so that no one else can get into your Account Protection password.

- Set account protection restrictions: This is the option you choose if you wish to change your current password for your Account Protection.

When your account has Account Protection active, it prevents any other person that is logging into your account from selling anything from your bag and they cannot dismiss any ninja's from your team or from the Ninja Hotel.

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