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Its 4 types of event going on every day in which you get exp silver material boxes and some other useful stuff.

Battle Uchiha Beast/ Battle Uzumaki Beast/ Battle Senju BeastEdit

Boss batle1

Basically its same event for different clans to attend.12.59-13.30 time in game(Chicago GMT-6) or 18.59-19.30GMT(Europe time).

  • You need to kill one of the following beasts Manda, Cerberus, Salamanders which have the strongest player of the clan name(for example Naruto is the strongest in uzumaki clan so it will be called Berserk Naruto) by attacking the beast for 30min or until death.
Boss batle2
  • You will get silver based on damage done /20, so if u do 20k dmg u will get 1k silver. You will attack beast for 6 rounds until his rage gets 100(fury)and the Beast will use ultimate attack to K.O. all your team.
  • The person to slay the beast(getting the last hit) will be awarded extra silver. The amount of silver you get from kill is based on your level.
Boss batle3
  • Beast cannot be dodged or stunned and used any debuff for example poison or armor reduction even debuf is display(check by dmg done with debuff and without debuff). Every time Beast is killed he will gain more hp and stats, if he won't be killed in 30min(till the end of the event) hp and stats will be left same for next day.

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