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There are Four different events each day in which the player can participate to get Exp, Silver, Material Boxes and some other useful stuff.

Battle Uchiha/Uzumaki/Senju Beast

Boss batle1

Event can be attended at. 12.59-13.30 Ingame time(Chicago GMT-6) / 18.59-19.30GMT(Europe time).

  • You need to kill one of the following beasts Manda, Cerberus, Salamanders which has the name of the highest Arena ranked player in respective clan(for example if Naruto is the highest ranked in Uzumaki clan, the Uzumaki beast will be called Berserk Naruto)

The event goes on for 30 minutes, or until all beasts have been killed.

  • Each clan has their own beast. Uzumaki fights Manda, Uchiha fights Cerberus and Senju fights Salamanders.
Boss batle2
  • You will get silver based on damage done. The beast does nearly no damage with it's normal attacks, the Special will however one shot your team, and the beast will use it on round 6.
  • The person to slay the beast(getting the last hit) will be awarded extra silver, based on the individuals level.
  • Once your Clan Beast has been slain, you can join the other clans to help them finish.
Boss batle3
  • The Beasts cannot be dodged or stunned, armor reduction is functionally useless since the beasts have no defence.
  • The level of the Beasts is determined by the top 20 ranked clan members in arena.