Jinin Akebino Grid

A member of the previous generation ot the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and the user of the bluntsword Kabutowari which can rout enemies' defence!


Type - Great Jutsu

Formation - Vanguard

Weapon - Kunai

Force - 900 (growth rate 3.2)

Agility - 900 (growth rate 3.5)

Chakra - 900 (growth rate 3.2)

Health - 4500 (growth rate 3.9)


Blunt Sword Increase a certain defense power by percent. (15% Defense)
Kabutowari Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 165%, increase Caster's Defence by 30% for 3 rounds and reduce enemy vanguard's defence by 35% for 2 rounds.


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