Angel Konan - A

"Wish this flower of hope had its blossom forever."

Angel Konan is the guardian angel
for this Christmas. We shall never forget her
persistence  and will of chasing hope.




Type Genjutsu Formation Support
Force 200 Growth: 2.6 Chakra 200 Growth: 2.6
Agility 200 Growth: 3 Power 400 Growth: 2.8
Talent Twilight Valkyrie
Get bonus Chakra power by certain percentage.
Skill Paper Plane Dance
Attack all enemies with 100% damage rate. Heal all ally ninjas except self at 130% growing rate. Gain 100 Fury for caster.
Damage 100% Avoid-Injury 0%
Hit 117.7% S.Atk 0% Dodge 1% Block 0%
Crit 6% Knock 4% Counter 0% Immune 0%


Angel Konan -skill (CN)



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