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Be Quick is a spending event which gives event-grade, limited items.


Event Rules

Players only have to spend gold/coupons and they will gain 1 point for every gold/coupons spent. When players reach appropriate points, items will be available for free claim or for purchase. All items that require purchase can only be purchased by gold. All items are limited to ?? pieces per server and once all claimed, any other players who will unlock the items can no longer claim.

Event Duration

This event is a recurring event meaning this event happen along with major events and usually last for 4 days.

Be Quick Items

Below are the appropriate points needed to unlock an item, the items unlocked, the gold needed for purchase and the item description and contents:

500 points 1500 points 3000 points
worth 90 gold Zero Box
Lv.3 Jade Box*1
Big Potency Pill*2
Advanced XP Scroll*5
Treasure Talisman*5
worth 210 gold Azure Box
Leap Rune Stone*3
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Channeling Scroll*5
worth 310 gold White Box
Lv.4 Jade Box*1
Advanced Potency Pill*5
Colorful Spar*1
Zero Box Azure Box Zero Box
Limited to 50 Limited to 50 Limited to 30
5000 points 8000 points 12000 points
worth 500 gold Vermillion Box
Colorful Soul*10
Colorful Spar*5
Lv.5 Silver Card*5
Common Material Chest*5
worth 700 gold Boar Box
Low Fury Jade*1
Perfect Fruit Pack*2
Advanced Potency Pill*10
Advanced EXP Scroll*5
worth 1100 gold Void Box
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*5
Socket Jade*2
Leap Rune Stone*5
Treasure Talisman*5
Azure Box Zero Box Azure Box
Limited to 50 Limited to 30 Limited to 50
50 Gold 50 Gold 100 Gold
17000 Points 23500 Points 31500 Points
Worth 1450 Gold South Box
Perfect Fruit Pack*4
Colorful Soul*20
Special Acessory Material Chest*5
Worth 1760 Gold North Box
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*10
General Recruit Proof*4
Colorful Spar*10
Lv.9 Silver Card*5
Worth 2050 Gold Three Box
Mid Fury Jade*1
Socket Jade*5
Super Potency Pill*10
Channeling Scroll*5
Zero Box South Box Azure Box
Limited to 30 Limited to 30 Limited to 30
100 Gold 300 Gold 500 Gold
41000 Points 52000 Points 65000 Points
Worth 3000 Gold Sphere Box
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*15
Perfect Fruit Pack*3
Colorful Spar*10
Worth 3600 Gold Akatsuki Box
Gold Evolution Scroll*10
Colorful Soul*50
Leap Rune Stone*30
Super Potency Pill*20
Worth 3800 Gold Kage Box
High Fury Jade*1
Special Acessory Material Chest*20
Colorful Spar*20
South Box Zero Box South Box
Limited to 50 Limited to 20 Limited to 20
600 Gold 100 Gold 1000 Gold
80000 Points 100000 Points
Worth 5100 Gold Sage Box
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*20
Super Potency Pill*20
Perfect Fruit Pack*8
Worth 6500 Gold Six Paths Box
Mega Fury Jade*1
Colorful Spar*50
S Weapon Box*1

South Box South Box
Limited to 30 Limited to 10
700 Gold 1000 Gold

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