Pets are a new addition to the ever growing world of Ultimate Naruto. These are cute companions always ready to assist in battles. They may seem harmless, unlike our Summoned Beasts, but these cuties are packed with stat boosts which affects every ninja in the team. Unlike our summoned beasts, they provide boost at all times, this is why when equipped the pet adds to your battle points.

To see pets' stats and other descriptions, go to the Spiritual Beast icon. Pets are also seen floating beside the Captain's avatar in the village interface.

How to Obtain Event Pets?

There are different ways to obtain event pets:

  • Item procurement and exchange (stages) - Players can get random amount of event items by clearing stages and then exchange these items for the pet.
  • Item procurement and exchange (event window) - Players can also get event items to exchange for pets from participating to minigames of the on-going event.
  • Random Reward - Event pets can also be obtained randomly from event giveaways.
  • Rank Rewards - Event pets can also be obtained as rewards to top rank players during events. They are usually contained in the chests given to top players.

How Long Does These Event Pets Stay?

Event Pets are also permanent like the regular pets.

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