Pets are the cute companions all players can bring in their battle. They provide support to their masters by providing stat boosts. Pets can be seen floating beside the Main Character in the village interface. To access pets, players can click the Spiritual Beast icon on the bottom menu. Doing so will display the Spiritual Beast window with 4 tabs on it, namely: Spiritual Beast, Spiritual Formation, Raise and Evolve. In here players can perform necessary actions in order to make their pets more formidable.

There are two types of pets:

Both types of pets are permanent. The difference between the two is that Event Pets does not appear in the Route or the Beast Tree and they do not evolve when they reach Level 20.


Pets can evolve. Yes, they can transform from the simple round, white egg form into cute creatures packed with stat boosts. Each pet has their evolution rate, or the chance a pet can evolve into another one. To evolve, pets need to be Lv. 20 through raising. Evolving not just changing of appearance but the chance for the pet to change rateing too. The better the rank, the better the stats they provide. To see all pets and how they would evolve, please check Route.


Rating of pet are the same as rating for equipment and other items. Pets are classified according to their rating, and the better the rating, the better the stats.

Below are the ratings of pets according to their quality white being the lowest, and red the highest:

White Green Blue Purple Yellow Red

How to Get Pet?

Regular pets can be obtained in 2 ways:

  • Raising eggs
  • Summoning pet using evolution points

Raising Eggs

Raising eggs is the traditional way of getting a pet. Players must buy an egg from the mall using gold or coupons, or buy egg from the pet shop using evolution points. They must raise pet up to level 20 in order for the egg to evolve into different pets.

Summoning Pets

Players can also summon pets using evolution points. Evolution points are obtained from evolving eggs or other pets and by using Evolution Scrolls (from Mall). Once they have enough evolution points, they can go to the pet shop in the Evolve tab in the Spiritual Beast window. So far only three pets can be summoned using evolution points:

  • Egg - 250 evolution points
  • Toad Ken - 7000 evolution points
  • Enma - 35000 evolution points