Chiyo Grid
Chiyo team

Chiyo is Sasori's grandmother and a counsellor of Sunagakure. She is also a medical ninja and puppet user.


Type - Genjutsu

Weapon - Scroll

Formation - Support

Force -  600 (Growth: 2.9)

Agility -  600 (Growth: 3.0)

Chakra - 600 (Growth: 3.3)

Health -  3000 (Growth: 3.5)

Hit Rate 110% Dodge Rate 1.8%
Crit Rate 1.8% Counter Rate 0%
S.Atk Rate 0% Block Rate 1.8%
Punch Rate 3% Aid Rate 0%


Agility Talent Increases a certain Agility by percent. (15% Agility)
8 Treasure Suction Cruse Attack enemy support, growing rate 130%. Decrease enemy's fury by 50 points. There's a big chance to control the enemy for 3 rounds. Controlling rate is based on level difference.


3600 Golden Souls in Tavern at Lv.110

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