Soul-Items 1 5 10
Pic Colorful soul clean Colorful Soul 5 Colorful Soul10

Colored Kage's Soul
Colorful souls


Colorful souls, can be used as any soul for Top Kages upgrades


  • Various Topup Events
  • Ninja Clash Rank
  • Elite Match Rank

Colored Kage's Soul comes per Mail after each Elite Match Day and Season.
They change into Colorful Souls while recieving.

Elite Match
Rank Student Genin Chunin Jonin Anbu Kage Top
Gain 14 22 32 44 50 60
Ninja Clash
Rank 21-50 6-20 2-5 1
Gain 20 25 30 40


The Colorful Soul's are collected at Top Kages in the Kage-Soul-Table at last Place (bright green).

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