Cursed sasuke

Being cursed by Orochimaru's Cursed Seal of Heaven, Sasuke's body is covered with the flame-like marks and his skin turns into gray. A cross-shaped mark appears in the middle of his face, and his hair grows. A pair of webbed-claw-shaped wings grow out from his back, with these wings he can fly in the sky.




Type Great Jutsu Formation Vanguard
Force 100 Growth: 2.6 Chakra 100 Growth: 2.2
Agility 100 Growth: 2.4 Power 300 Growth: 2.6
Talent Bond
Increase a certain Force by percent.
Skill Chidori Stream
Attack All enemies, growing rate 100%, increase assaulter's Aid rate by 40% and Attack by 5% for 3 rounds, increase caster's Defense by 5%.


Cursed Seal Sasuke S.Attack



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