Daily Benefit

Daily Benefits is an icon found in the Functions Menu. The sole purpose of Daily Benefits is to aid players by giving them Bonus EXP or Bonus Silver daily depending on their ranking in the World Level.

One thing to note is that after a Reincarnation of your Main Character, No matter the World Level, will result in you getting only silver from the Daily Benefits.

Free Free 120% Free VIP

Free Claim

• 120% Bonus
• 600% Bonus for 20 gold
• 150% Bonus
• 800% Bonus for 80 gold

Players can get 
certain amount of EXP

Players can get 120% (or 600%)
of the Free Claim

28 EXP
from the Free Claim
x 120% (600%) = 33.6 (168)

Players can claim 33.6 (168) EXP
(Round it off: 34 EXP)
Players can get 120% (or 800%)
of the Free Claim

28 EXP
from the Free Claim
x 150% (800%) = 42 (224)

Players can claim 42 (224) EXP


Retrieve is a new feature implemented in the game on Mar. 25, 2014(CDT, server time). This new feature enables players to "retrieve" Experience and Silver of each missed Battle.


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