Equipment refers to items worn by Ninjas in Ultimate Naruto. The primary role of equipment is to modify ninja stats by the stats they have in them. There are currently 3 ways to obtain them:

  • Story Rewards
  • Crafting (Make Equip)
  • Events

To further understand equipment, we can describe them according to the following criteria:


Equipment can be classified according to their Type. Type refers to the body parts in where these equipment can be placed to.

Weapon Head
Armor A Cloak
Shoes Belt A

Equipment type can be seen in the equipment tooltip when mouse hover. Head equipment can only be equipped to head, armor for armor, and so on and so forth.


Equipment can be classified according to Class. Class refers to the 4 Ninja classes available in the game.

An equipment exclusive for a particular class cannot be equipped to other. Taijutsu and Great Jutsu share the same equipment class.


When a number of equipment with the same name are equipped together, they are called sets. Set produce stat increasing effects to the bearer of it. The effects vary depending on the rating of equipment. The effects also vary according to how many are equipped. Sets produce effects when:

  • 2 are equipped
  • 4 are equipped
  • 6 are equipped 


Rating refers to the color of an equipment. Equipment provide stats which depends on their rating. Below are the ratings and their basic description:

Rating Basic Attribute Bonus Attribute Jade Slot
Gray Equipment Low None 0
Green Equipment Below Average None 1
Blue Equipment Average 2 4
Purple Equipment Above Average 2 6
Golden Equipment High 3 6
Red Equipment Very High 3 6

Some equipment are not story-given and cannot be crafted. They can only be obtain during events. They are event-rare and are given a different rating.

Rating Basic Attribute Bonus Attribute Jade Slot
Orange Equipment Very High 3 6

For more information regarding event-rare equipment, click here.