Fantastic Train Floater
Fantastic Carnival
A super amusement park is built in Konoha Village and is free for the first month of opening!
A fantastic journey is waiting ahead!

FC Div

Fantasy journey starts now!

Event Rules:

  • Players can check in once after login every day. Check-in chance will reset at 00:00 every day.
  • Click the check-in button to start the wheel. The wheel will point at a random number and the Ninja train will move accordingly.
  • When the train stops, players will receive reward of the grid.
  • Game will end when players obtain the final reward.
  • Top-up over 1000 gold in one attempt will activate the carnival chest and receive gold and item rebate 20 times. Rebate will be sent by email. Players will receive the first rebate immediately after top-up and the rest 19 rebates will be sent at 00:30 every day.

FC Clown

FC Left

FC Right

FC Train Icon
FC Check-in

Everyday, the player can check-in by clicking the roulette. The roulette will spin and stops at random. Depending on the result of the roulette, the Ninja Train icon will move.

When the Ninja Train icon lands on a cell, reward(s) are obtained by the player. Below are the rewards on each cell. Hover mouse for item name and amount.

Treasure Talisman Jade Box 3 Soul Refining Pill Advanced Potency Pill S Weapon Enhance Talisman Gold Soul Epic exp scroll Channeling Scroll
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Primary Recruit Proof Jade Box 4 Soul Refining Pill Jade Box 3 Gold Soul Big Potency Pill Hokage Proof Colorful Spar
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Lv. 10 Silver Card Channeling Scroll Fairy Basic Fury Jade Epic EXP Scroll Treasure Talisman AGI Jade Lv.3 Gold Soul
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Treasure Box VIII Super Potency Pill Force Jade Lv.3 Colorful Spar Vitality A Jade Box 4 Soul Refining Pill Chakra Jade Lv.3
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Lv. 10 Silver Card Spar Gold Evolution Scroll Special Accessory Material Chest Power Jade Lv.3 Fairy Lv. 10 Silver Card Orange Equipment Box
33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Jade Box 3 Gold Soul Channeling Scroll Epic Material Chest S Weapon Enhance Talisman Treasure Talisman Colorful Spar Jade Box 3
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Lv. 10 Silver Card Smile Gift Box
49 50 Final Prize
Basic Fury Jade*1
Lv.4 Jade Box*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1

Socket Jade*1
Treasure Talisman*5

Channeling Scroll*5
Soul Refining Pill*5
Big Potency Pill*5

When the Ninja Pointer reach cell 50, the mini-game is over.

Carnival Chest
During the event, the player can Single Top-up 1000 gold or above to activate chest. Every day, for 20 days, the players will receive Gold and items. This chest can only be activated once.
Soul Refining Pill*5
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Super Potency Pill*1
Arrow Right Carnival Chest

There are many interesting games in the amusement park, which can bring you a lot of fun and rewards as well. These rewards may include massive gold, silver and items. Let's play the game!
FC Sasuke
FC Stars R
For every 500 gold top-up, the player will receive 1 chance to play the Doll Game.
By cutting the rope of the appropriate doll, random rewards will be given.
FC Dolls

FC Soldier




FC General

S Weapon Box VIII*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1

Colorful Spar*2
Advanced Potency Pill*5

Colorful Soul [5]*1
Treasure Talisman*10

FC Queen

Universe Thunder Chest*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1

Socket Jade*1
Lv.3 Jade Box*1

Super Potency Pill*1
Channeling Scroll*10

FC King

Epic Fury Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1

Perfect Fruit Pack*1
Special Accessory
Material Chest*1

Rune Leap Stone*5
Golden Ninja Soul*10
Soul Refining Pill*10

FC Clown King




FC Carousel Chest
Carousel Chest
FC Carousel
Top-up any amount of Gold to claim.

Who can dominate the competition? Who will be the best scorer? Get your scream ready for our best player!
FC Naruto Seirin
Crazy Amusement Ranking
FC Ring
Event Rules FC Ball
Everyday, the player has 3 free chances to shoot.
After consuming all free chances, the player can pay to gold to try up to 100x per day.
After accumulating required amount of Hot Shots ( FC Ball Icon ), the player can obtain corresponding Ball Pack. Rewards can be claimed repeatedly (After the 5000 Ball Pack, the Hot Shot requirements will be changed to 5500, 6000, 7000, 8000, 10000, and will continue to increase every time the player collects the Ball Packs. However, rewards of the packs remains the same.)
Normal Ball Pack
Normal Ball Pack
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Lv.3 Jade Box*1
Gold Soul*10
Soul Refining Pill* 5
Treasure Talisman*5

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