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Pages for more Information about Punch Rate or Status effects.

Fight Guide

Picture Short Name Description
Damage Normal dmg Normal Dmg 100% Damage (with Buffs & Debuffs) and increase 50 fury,
Damage Crit dmg Crit Dmg 150% Damage (with Buffs & Debuffs) and increase 100 fury insteed of 50 fury.
Passive Extra Rounds - Possible Punch
Damage Punch Punch Skip 1 Round
Passive Cannot Punch - Missed Punch
Damage Prohibit attack Prohibit 100% Damage (without Buffs & Debuffs & Skill) (?Silence?)
Damage Bleeding stat n Bleed Decrease Power by %. Ignores defence, avoid injury and dmg rate
Damage Ignite pic Ignite Decrease Power by %
Damage Poison dmg Poison Decrease Power by % (can decrease heal)
Dodge Dodge dmg Dodge Dodge's Atk without done Dmg or Fury gain
Block Simple block Block Block's Atk without done Dmg and 50 fury
Block Block dmg Block Block's Atk by %
Damage Counter dmg Counter Counter Atk, usually after Block's
Fury Fury increase Fury Increase Increase Fury by Points
Fury Fury decrease Fury Decrease Decrease Fury by Points
Avoid Avoid fury dmg Avoid debuffs and -fury Blocked Fury Decrease and other debuffs.
Heal Heal dmg Heal Regenerate Power by %

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