Ultimate Ninja stage


Formation is based on 3 types of ninja. Each type usually have some attributes in common.

Formation of vanguard, assaulters and support. Hinata as the vanguard, Uzumaki Naruto and sid as assaulters and temari and shizune as supports in the image.

1. Vanguard.  

Vanguard is your ninja tank - they mitigate the most of the damage. Vanguard usually deal low damage themselves, as their attributes are for survival. Common attributes for vanguard is power, block, dodge and counter. Power increases health, and counter reduces chance of enemies doing critical dmg. Thus helping the vanguard to survive. 

2. Assaulter.

Assault ninjas are the primary damage dealers. Depending on the ninja, their special attacks may be aimed at ninjas other than the vanguard. Common attributes for assault ninjas are crit, force and hit.

3. Support.

Support ninjas are help control the flow of the battle. Support usually deal lower damage then assault, but higher then vanguard. Support heroes can vary from dealing damage, healing, or controlling (stunning), which makes them ideal for longer battles.  Common attributes for support are chakra and agility.


  • Vanguard
The damaged dealt by vanguard is dropped to 60%.
HP is increased by 60%.
Avoid Hurt Rate is increased by 20%.
Recover Rate is increased by 40%.

  • Assaulter
Hurt Rate increases by 15%.

  • Supporter
Speed increases by 15%.


On the right side of the Formation window are a list of available skills for the protagonist.

As you progress through the S.Ability ranks more skills will become available for use.

Aside from the protagonist, the other ninjas also have skills, but they cannot be altered. A list of these can also be found on the Skill page.