Formation Name
Formation 3 - 1 - 1
Required Ninja(s) Tobi - A   Sasori - A   Deidara - A
Optional Ninja(s) Random Ninja

This formation is a variation of the Super Drain set-up. This one is designed to be used by players who does not have Yagura. The formation name is Intangible, meaning "unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence." This the adjective used to decribe Tobi (Support) when using Kamui in the Naruto Shuppuden series. Tobi is also the key player to this formation.

This formation requires Tobi, Deidara (Support) and Sasori (Support). Tobi must unleash first his Kamui, damaging enemy ninjas then placing Ignite Debuff (Reduce HP at the end of the turn by 25%). Sasori or Deidara must attack next. Whoever goes first is not a problem but it is a must that they attack (both of the,) right after Tobi. If the 3 attack are executed as planned, the enemy will find themselves losing HP and they can't even counter back. Tobi, and supposedly all other ninjas in the formation, would most likely be "untouched" by the enemy, thus the name Intangible.

Since this formation revolves around the Ignite Debuff, a Support ninja (e.g. Tsunade, 4th Mizukage) that dispells debuff can easily counter this. Sasori is the solution. For Assaulter that targets the Support Line, Deidara is the answer.

To fully control the battlefield, the Main Character is suggested to use Vanguard Stun Skill (e.g. Earth Binding of Genjutsu).

To increase pressure to the enemy, an AOE Vanguard is suggested (e.g. Kisame, Hebi Sasuke).

If the Main Charater is high enough in level, the two stunners can be replaced by better ninjas (Sasori -> Chiyo; Deidara -> Senju Tobirama)

  • Average to High damage potential.
  • Controlling enemy ninjas guarantees higher winning odds.
  • High chance that the enemy can't even do Fury to fight back.
  • Requires 3 Support ninjas, making the Support Line a vulnerable spot for high-speed Support-oriented attacks. If a fast Support Stunner goes first, the set-up is foiled.
  • Requires lots of Chakra, AGI, S.Atk jades to make the 3 Supports do decent damage.
  • This formation is NOT suggested to Genjutsu users because of CON #3 but they can still use this.
Credits: AyeL

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