Formation Name
Super Drain
Formation 2 - 2 - 1
Required Ninja(s) Tobi - A   Yagura - A
Optional Ninja(s) Random Ninja

The formation aims to reduce as much enemy HP as possible in the fastest time possible, thus giving this formation it's name: Super Drain.

This formation requires the Special Ninja Yagura (Support). If you don't have Yagura, then you can try the Intangible set-up instead. This formation also requires Tobi (Support).

The point of this game is to drain enemy HP with Tobi's Ignite and Yagura's Poison. This requires the two said Ninjas to attack first before all enemy does. Since they are both Support, making them fast is not that much of a problem. With the two HP "draining" skills launched, it is guaranteed that the enemy would lose more or less 75% of their HP when it's their turn. Also, Yagura inflicts anti-heal debuff thus making it very hard for the enemy to recuperate.

To ensure victory, Main Character can use AOE skill like Flame Raksasa (Ninjutsu) or any Assaulter-oriented attack (Meteor Befall - Genjutsu).

Vanguard can be any ninja that has AOE skill too: Hoshikage Kisame (Tavern), Hebi Sasuke (Ninja Club), Warm Hinata (Special Ninja).

One more slot is available. Depending on the formation you choose, you can add 1 Assaulter ninja with AOE attack: Kakashi (Ninja Club), Itachi (Ninja Club);


Add one more Support ninja with AOE skill: Pain (Ninja Club), Angel Konan (Special Ninja) Outer Path Obito (Special Ninja).

Assaulters and Supports that attack the Assaulter and Support line may suffice too.

Upgrading any ninja from the Ninja Club is not required but will provide better results.

  • High damage potential.
  • Even when ninja's do average and below damage, the Debuff (Ignite and Poison) is still very lethal.
  • One turn for this formation has high possibility of KOing enemy.
  • Requires Special Ninja(s). Not everyone can obtain them because gold is required.
  • A perfectly timed 4th Mizukage can foil this set-up.
  • If formation 3-1-1 is chosen, a very fast Sasori (Support) or Chiyo (Support) can put a stop to this.
Credits: AyeL

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