Formation Name
Will of Stone
Formation 2 - 2 - 1
Required Ninja(s) Ohnoki - A Hidan - A Konan - A
Optional Ninja(s) Tsunade - A Mei Terumi

The formation name is taken from the Naruto Shippuuden Ep.332 entitled "Will of Stone". The episode focuses on the story of Ohnoki and his undaunted will.

This formation revolves around Ohnoki (Vanguard), Hidan and Konan. This is a variation of Zombi Combi set-up, only this time we replace Kakuzu with Ohnoki. Ohnoki's Particle Dismantler provides 60% Aid Rate to own Assaulter Line. Aid distributes damage supposedly taken by the Assaulter Line to either the Vanguard or the Support Line. The damage is lessened and subsequently raises the survival rate of your assaulters. Hidan lowers enemy assaulters' attack power. Low attack means low damage inflicted to your assaulters. Ohnoki's Aid then dissipates more damage from your enemy. Konan is there to heal the low damage dealt to the Assaulter Line and to Ohnoki.

To realize this set-up, Ohnoki must be fast enough to do Fury right before any of the enemy assaulters attack. Also, Ohnoki is a Block-type Ninja so giving him high level Force Jades ensures more painful counters. Ohnoki must have high level Power Jades too so he can absorb more damage.

One slot is for the player's desired Support Ninja. Tsunade is for anti-stun, then collaborates to Hidan's attack by attacking the enemy assaulters too. Mei Terumi is for Support Protection.

Main Character can also use the Aid to add more pressure to enemy assaulters, and add higher Aid rate to own assaulters, or any other assaulter attacking skills.

  • This formation lessens damage to own assaulters thus giving them higher survival rate.
  • This formation focuses on the eliminating enemy Assaulter line, if not, disrupting their attacks.
  • This formation does not require VIP-required Ninjas, or any Special Ninjas.
  • Ohnoki needs to be fast in order to disperse incoming damages.
  • Hidan's Debuff can be countered by a perfectly timed-attack of enemy Tsunade/4th Mizukage.
  • If enemy Ninjas are all AOE attackers or are focused on support, your Support Line might be taken out first thus removing Konan's valuable help to the formation.
Credits: AyeL

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