Formation Name
Zombie Combie
Formation 2 - 2 - 1
Required Ninja(s) Kakuzu - A   Hidan - A   Konan - A
Optional Ninja(s) Tsunade - A   Mei Terumi

The formation name is taken from the Naruto Shippuuden Series (Anime & Manga) pertaining to the two "immortal" members of Akatsuki. This formation revolves around Kakuzu (Vanguard), Hidan (Assaulter) and, included this time, Konan (Support). The formation takes advantage of Kakuzu's thick defense, and Konan's unli-heal. With the ability of Hidan that targets enemy assualter and lowers their attack power, Kakuzu's thick armor would almost be imprenetable. By lowering enemy assaulter's attack power, Hidan also protects his fellow assaulters if the enemy is an assaulter-line attacker or is an AOE attacker. If somehow the high armor and the lowering of attack power still damage Kakuzu, or the assaulter line, Konan would be the one to compensate by healing. To accompany Hidan's attack to enemy Assaulter Line, the Main Character (Protagonist) could also use assaulter-line focused skills like Senbon Shower (210% Damage) for high level players, or other Assaulter Line oriented attacks.

This formation is 2-2-1 meaning a slot is available on the Support Line:

For continuous attack to enemy Assaulter while protecting own Assaulter line, Tsunade is suggested (125% damage).

For your Konan's protection from Stun, Mei Terumi is suggested (Dispells debuff and avoid control for 2 rounds).

Other Supports can be put in the formation, depending on the user's preference. If the player is Lv.100 and above, Senju Tobirama would be great (180% Damage, Fury reduction, Assaulter control).

  • This formation ensures high survival rate for Vanguard (Defense, Lower Attack Power of enemy assaulter, and Heal) and Assaulters (Lower Attack Power of enemy assaulter and Heal).
  • This formation focuses on the eliminating enemy Assaulter line, if not, disrupting their attacks.
  • This formation does not require VIP-required Ninjas, or any Special Ninjas.
  • Hidan's Debuff can be countered by a perfectly timed-attack of enemy Tsunade/4th Mizukage.
  • If enemy Ninjas are all AOE attackers or support-line focused, your Support Line might be taken out first thus removing Konan's valuable heal.
Credits: Ogilvieparker
For the original idea, called it "Super Tanky"

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