Formation Name
Zombie Combie
Formation 1 - 3 - 1
Required Ninja(s) Segundo Tsuchikage (Melhor 2)   Angel Konan (Melhor)   Reanimação de Prata 2
Optional Ninja(s) Yagura - A

The name of formation was created for curing. This formation revolves around Second Tsuchikage (Assaulter) and Angel Konan (Support). With Ginkakus capacity to targets the entire enemy team and reducing their attack power. By reducing the attack power of the enemy team, Ginkaku also protects your companions if the enemy is an AOE attacker (Attacks all enemies). If somehow the Angel Konan is damaged, the Second Tsuchikage will heal her. To follow the Ginkaku attack the entire enemy team, the Main Character (Protagonist) can also use AOE skills focused as Flame Raksasa (158% damage to all enemies) for high level players.

This formation is 1-3-1 meaning a slot is available on the Support Line:

Yagura can be added to formation, poisoning, increasing your win rate.

  • This formation ensures high survival rate for the whole team (Attack Power Lower entire team, and Heal).
  • This formation focuses on eliminating the entire enemy team, if not, interrupting their attacks.
  • This formation requires event ninjas.
  • Ginkaku debuff can be countered by a perfectly timed attack enemy Tsunade / Terumi Mei.
Credits: João Victor MT

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