Fortify Tab

Fortify is the first tab in the FORTIFY icon. By paying appropriate amount of silver, players can enhance the level of their equipment.


Enhancing or fortifying means increasing the level of an equipment by 1 by paying required amount of silver. Each +1 on level increase the base attribute of the equipment (e.g. each +1 will enhance the Physical Damage of a Shuriken).

Enhancement is bound by certain conditions:

  1. Enhancement can only happen if player has exact or more silver than the required.
  2. Enhancement can not exceed the current level of the player (main character).
  3. Enhancement has cooldwown limit.


Cooldown is the limit of enhancement. Each enhancement has 00:02:00 (two minutes) cooldown. The cooldown is white until the clock hit 00:20:00 or more.

If the cooldown is red, players cannot enhance anymore until the clock is 00:00:00 or is white (below the 00:20:00 limit).

Tip: Players can spam the enhance button as much as you can when enhancing. The clock will exceed 00:20:00 and your equipment will be enhance. The backfire is, players need to wait longer.


2x Fortify
When enhancing, players have the option to use 2x Fortify. By paying 10 gold per enhance, 2x Fortify will activate changing the normal +1 level per enhance to +2 per enhance.

Tip: With luck, players can experience 2x Fortify without paying gold. The rate of this occurrence is still unknown.



Also during enhance, players have the option to use Discount. By paying 10 gold, players will have to pay 20% less silver than usual, per enhance.

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