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General QuestionsEdit


  • What is better, auto janken or normal? -Here-
  • Why vip 1 for purple? Can vip 0 gold janken? -Here-
  • How much silver for 1000 gold souls? -Here-


  • Is there a ninja rank down? -Here-
  • What grow rate means? -Here-
  • How to improve stun rate? -Here-
  • Is there a Soul-refund? How much Soul-refund? -Here-
  • Which attributes for each Class? -Here-
  • Where to Transform the Beast? -Here-
  • What is the best: S-forge Spring equipment or Rock equipment? -Here-
  • Is a Team with AoE (All Enemy Attack) good? -Here-
  • What is the best fury recovery Ninja is Tavern? -Here-
  • How to defeat enemies in Myoboku Training? -Here-
  • How to get far in Lost Tower Guide? -Here-
  • How to get far in Samsara Land? -Here-

Section Level 0-70Edit

Level 0-50 Section

  • Is it worth trying to get Zabuza? -Here-


Level 50-70 Section

  • What is a good team for level 50? -Here-
  • What is the best support in level 50? -Here-
  • What Support ninja have the ability to heal, besides Ino and Sakura? -Here-
  • Is it worth trying to get Gaara? -Here-


  • Haku or Karin? -Here-
  • Haku or Shizune? -Here-
  • Karin or Shizune? -Here-
  • Karin or Sasori / Deidara? -Here-
  • Karin or Matio Gai? -Here-
  • Hinata or Maito Gai? -Here-
  • Kisame or Maito Gai? -Here-
  • Temari replace with Kakashi? -Here-
  • Gaara replace with Kakashi? -Here-
  • Neji replace with Kakashi? -Here-
  • Gossip Neji or Gaara / Zabuza? -Here-
  • Purple Gaara or Hanzou? -Here-
  • Purple Gaara or Killer Bee? -Here-
  • Sasuke or Kakashi / Minato? -Here-
  • Sasuke S or Darui? -Here-
  • Sakura or Karin? -Here-
  • Sakura replace with Haku or Sasori? -Here-
  • Sakura replace with Kakashi? -Here-
  • Ino or Danzo? -Here-
  • Shizune or Danzo? -Here-

Section Level 70+Edit

  • What is the best support in level 70-80? -Here-
  • Who should i recruit at level 70? -Here-
  • Who should i recruit at level 90? -Here-
  • What does Aid-rate - Ohnoki's Skill? -Here-
  • What does Tobi's Skill? -Here-
  • Is it worth to get an Level 70+ Ninja-Club Ninja? -Here-

Top-Kage & Kage-Trials

  • Can i finish kage trial with my team? -Here-
  • What is the best Team for level 70 Kage trial? -Here-
  • What ninja is good in 1 vs 1 Fights, for level 70 in Top kage. -Here-
  • When i'll upgrade a Ninja, can i lose something like Kage Stars / Potency Level ...? -Here-


  • Kisame or Kakuzu? -Here-
  • Hashirama Senju or Sasuke Hebi? -Here-
  • Hashirama Senju or Ohnoki? -Here-
  • Kakashi or Itachi? -Here-
  • Divinity Kakashi or Itachi? -Here-
  • Darui, Sasori or Danzo? -Here-
  • Temuri Mei or Kabuto? -Here-
  • Tsunade or Temuri Mei? -Here-
  • Tobi or Konan? -Here-
  • Karin or Sasori / Tsunade / Temuri Mei? -Here-
  • Tsunade, Nagato or Konan? -Here-
  • Tsunade or Konan? -Here-
  • Tsunade or Sasori? -Here-
  • Tsunade or Deidara? -Here-
  • Temuri Mei or Sasori? -Here-
  • Temuri Mei or Killer Bee? -Here-
  • Temuri Mei or Konan? -Here-
  • Ohnoki or Maito Gai? -Here-
  • Ohnoki or Kisame? -Here-
  • Ohnoki or Tobi? -Here-
  • Ohnoki or Hiruzen Sarutobi? -Here-
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi or Purple Gaara? -Here-
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi or Minato / Killer Bee? -Here-
  • Minato or Itachi? -Here-
  • Minato or Itachi SSS? -Here-
  • Minato or Divinity Kakashi? -Here-
  • Minato S or Divinity Kakashi? -Here-
  • Hanzou or Darui? -Here-
  • Kakuzu or Sasori? -Here-
  • Konan or Tobirama Senju? -Here-
  • Danzo or Kakashi? -Here-
  • Danzo or Tobi? -Here-

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