This is a list of the Staff.

Staff members are the people who help make this game the way it is, we like to show them appreciation.




Player Moderators

Trial Player Moderators


Super Moderators

Customer Service

  • Kuntoria - Log-In Issue Assist
  • Achilly - Log-In Issue Assist
  • Lauren (Inactive) - Payment Issue Assist
  • Vonita (Inactive) - Payment Issue Assist
  • Beloved1215 (Inactive) - Payment Issue Assist
  • Iceberge (Inactive) - Payment Issue Assist
  • Joycee0613 (Inactive) - Log-In Issue Assist
  • Queenie (Inactive) - Log-In Issue Assist

Clicking a persons name will link you to their Ninja Classic forum account, from where you can message or PM them. Feel free to visit Forums for assistance.

  • Note: Inactive Staff will not respond to you. Please message Bobisbadmand for quicker a response.