Genin Test

Genin Test is the first category of the Growth Path tab of Road to Hokage.  The bracket level of this category is from Lv. 1 to Lv. 10. Tasks unlock depending on player's level. Rewards are claimable if tasks are completed. There are two types of tasks and two types of reward are given: Regular Rewards and VIP Rewards. 


The following are the task under the Genin Test along with their respective rewards (regular and VIP) arranged in no particular order:

Task Name Description Regular

Check In
Learn Check-in

Check in 1 time 2 coupons 2 coupons
Check In
Points Redeem Items
Check-in Points redeem 1 20,000 silver 20,000 silver
In Arms
In Arms I
Equip 1 White or better tool 2,000 silver 2,000 silver
S Ability
Light S. Ability
Light 1 S. Ability point in the 1st Scroll 5,000 silver 5,000 silver
Lv X
Reach Lv. 10!
Upgrade to Lv. 10 Small EXP Scroll*5 Small EXP Scroll*5

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