Gold Ferris Wheel Small Grid

Top up to spin the wheel and bring lucky prizes home every day!
Don't Miss out on this super chance to receive awesome coupons!

Event Info

  1. During the event, each 200 Gold topped up will net the player a Gold Spin, max 999 spins daily.
  2. Each player is given a free Coupon Spin daily. Please use it timely.
  3. Each 200 Coupons spent daily will net the player a Coupon Spin, max 20 spins daily.

Rates for the old Coupon Wheel

88 Coupon 188 Coupon 288 Coupon 588 Coupon 688 Coupon 1888 Coupon 8888 Coupon
(84.9%) (10.4%) (4.8%) (0%) (0%) (0%) (0%)

Rates coming soon.

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