This is the 3nd currency you wil be introduced to in the tavern. It is available from level 70 and beyond. You can obtain this currency from playing Golden Soul JankenYou can only gain access to these currency if you are VIP 1 at minimum ( or when you hit lvl 80 tavern).

Tavern Gold Souls

Recruits Ninjas

These are the ninjas that you can recruit with this currency!

  1. Kisame
  2. Kakuzu
  3. Suigetsu
  4. Yamato
  5. Deidara
  6. Sasori
  7. Sage Kabuto
  8. Killer B
  9. Hidan
  10. Tsunade
  11. Terumi Mei
  12. Sarutobi
  13. Ohnoki
  14. Konan
  15. Tobi
  16. Tobirama
  17. Hashirama
  18. Raikage
  19. Zetsu
  20. Ebizō
  21. Chiyo
  22. Fuguki
  23. Kushimaru Kuriarare
  24. Jinin Akebino

Upgrades Ninjas

You also require this soul when upgraded these ninjas

For more information on recruiting ninjas please look at Tavern and The Ninja Club.

For more information about other types of souls, please look at Souls.