Growth Path is a sub-section of the Road to Hokage in the Function Menu. In here, detailed explanation of tasks are displayed together with the amount or times a task must be performed.


The Growth Path is sub-divided into categories depending on the player's level. CLICK category for Tasks details:

Genin Test                    Chunin's Trial                    Jonin's Trial

          ANBU's Trial                    Kage's Trial        

Trial of Six Paths Grid                    Tailed Beast Trial Grid                    Trial of Six Paths Grid 2

          Samsara Trial Grid                    Sage's Trial Grid        


Tasks and Rewards

There are different tasks a player can accomplish. Once the requirements are met, rewards can be claimed. Rewards are placed next to each other, one is VIP exclusive.

Rewards - Freeuser
Regular Rewards
When tasks are completed, player can claim regular rewards.

Rewards - VIP
VIP Rewards
VIP players can redo all tasks. Tasks that are for VIP has "VIP" label. They can claim the VIP rewards. These rewards are the same as the regular one, so it's like they claim twice.

Note: Tasks varied in numbers depending on what tests/trial the player is on.

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