Growth Plan allows you to spend gold to receive a 200% refund based on the plan that you purchase in 20 installments.

Growth Plan

Event Description

  • The packs can only be purchased with gold.
  • To unlock each you have to meet the certain level requirements. You will get the initial pack after purchase and opening it will give you the follow-on pack. You may only purchase each level pack once.
  • You can only purchase one Growth Fund Pack each event, You will get the corresponding growth fund pack after you purchase the fund.
  • Fund rewards are sent to you in 20 installments in the mail each day at 00:30
  • Spending gold towards village investment will give you a instant rebate in the form of gold.
  • You must follow through with the countries in a ascending order to unlock the last one, you can only invest in each country once.
  • Coupons cannot be used in this event.

Growth Fund Plans

Growth Funds

Growth Fund Pack 1 Growth Fund Pack 2
Growthfundpack1 Pack Contains
Lv. 3 Jade Box*1
Lv. 10 Silver Card*1
Epic Material Chest*1
Treasure Talisman*1
Channeling Scroll*1
Soul Refining Pill*1
Growthfundpack2 Pack Contains
Lv. 4 Jade Box*2
S Weapon Enchance Talisman*1
Basic Fury Jade*1
Treasure Talisman*6
Channeling Scroll*6
Soul Refining Pill*6
2000 Gold 4000 Gold
Growth Fund Pack 3 Growth Fund Pack 4
Growthfundpack3 Pack Contains
Lv. 5 Jade Box*3
S Weapon Enchance Talisman*3
Basic Fury Jade*2
Treasure Talisman*10
Channeling Scroll*10
Soul Refining Pill*10
Growthfundpack4 Pack Contains
Lv. 6 Jade Box*4
S Weapon Enchance Talisman*7
Basic Fury Jade*4
Treasure Talisman*15
Channeling Scroll*15
Soul Refining Pill*20
8000 Gold 20000 Gold
Growth Fund Pack 5
Growthfundpack5 Pack Contains
Lv. 7 Jade Box*5
S Weapon Enchance Talisman*22
Basic Fury Jade*12
Treasure Talisman*50
Channeling Scroll*50
Soul Refining Pill*40
40000 Gold


Villages Costs Return
Country of Wind 100 Gold 110 - 150 Gold
Country of Water 500 Gold 550 - 900 Gold
Country of Earth  1000 Gold 1100 - 2000 Gold
Country of Lightning 3000 Gold 3150 - 7500 Gold
Country of Fire 5000 Gold 5250 - 15000 Gold
Ninja Investments

Level-Up Packs