Haku Cursed Seal Sasuke Small Grid

Cursed by Orochimaru, Sasuke is covered with curse marks all over his body. As a result, his skin turns gray. A cross-shaped pattern appears on his face. His hair grows longer and wings like palms grow from his back, with which he can fly in the sky.




Type Taijutsu Formation Assaulter
Force 1300 Growth: 4.6 Chakra 800 Growth: 4.0
Agility 1100 Growth: 4.3 Power 4800 Growth: 4.3
Talent Cursed Seal of Heaven
Increases massive agility and force by percentage, born with 10% damage rate and 10% avoid injury rate, immune to stun and fury reduction.
Skill Thunder Snake
Attack enemy's assaulter and support, growth 210%, upgrade 180% dodge rate on own ninjas (can break through dodge rate limit) for 1 round, self recover 25 fury
Damage 113% Avoid-Injury 10%
Hit 115.9% S.Atk 0% Dodge 6% Block 0%
Crit 13% Knock 4.5% Counter 0% Immune 0%


White Cloak Cursed Mark Sasuke -skill (UN)


Caution! - "Use at Lv." does not mean > Lv.90 after redeem > he will be Lv.80.


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