Hanzo Grid

In the Second Ninja World War, he gave the title "Legendary Three Ninja" to Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya . He used to be the Leader of Amegakure in his Lifetime. And was killed by Uzumaki Nagato .


Type - Ninjutsu

Formation - Assaulter

Weapon - Shuriken

Force - 80 (Growth: 2.1)

Agility - 50 (Growth: 1.8)

Chakra - 50 (Growth: 1.8)

Health - 160 (Growth: 1.8


Crit Talent Increases a certain crit rate. (15% Crit Rate)
Poison Breath Attack enemy assaulter, growing rate 115%, increase caster's hit rate by 50% for 1 round and fury by 50 points.


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