Kisame Grid

One of Kiragakure's Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He has distinctive shark-like appearance (gill-like facial markings under his eyes, and actual gills on his shoulders), sharp triangular teeth, and golden pupils.


Type - Great Jutsu

Formation - Vanguard

Weapon - Kunai

Force - 100 (Growth: 2.8)

Agility - 40 (Growth: 2.6)

Chakra - 40 (Growth: 2.4)

Health - 300 (Growth: 2.8)


Crit. Talent Increases a certain Crit rate. (15% Crit Rate)
Diving Shark Attack all enemies , growing rate 100% , increase caster's block rate by 35% and attack by 15% for 3 rounds.


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