Hozuki Mangetsu Grid

One of "The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist".



Suigetsu's brother, reputed as "The Second Coming of the Demon", is adept at using the seven ninja swords and use a similar ninjutsu to suigetsu's Liquefy Jutsu. Moreover, he has the scroll to summon the seven swords.




Type: Genjutsu

Weapon: Scroll

Formation: Support

Force: 1350 (Grow: 3.6)

Agility: 1600 (Grow: 3.7)

Chakra: 1550 (Grow: 3.9)

Health: 5000 (Grow: 4.5)

Hit Rate 110% Dodge Rate 1.8%
Crit Rate 1.8% Counter Rate 0%
S.Atk Rate 0% Block Rate 1.8%
Punch Rate 11% Aid Rate 0%
Passive/Talent -
Hydration Techniques Increases a certain chakra by percent, naturally has 8% avoid injury rate and a small chance for punch rate. (15% Chakra) -
Fury Wave Attack all enemies 175%, reduce enemies HP by 105% for 1 round. Stun for 1 round.


12000 Red Souls in Tavern at Lv.130

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