Hozuki Suigetsu Grid
"Water release" ninja, once has been locked in a container by Orochimaru. After being freed by Sasuke Uchiha, he became the first member to join his group Taka. He adopted Momochi Zabuza's sword "Decapitating Carving Knife", and people called him "Momochi Zabuza the Second". He has a slender body, characterized by triangular sharp teeth and blue short hair.


Type - Taijutsu

Formation - Assaulter

Force - 100 (Growth: 2.7)

Agility - 70 (Growth: 2.5)

Chakra - 70 (Growth: 2.5)

Health - 120 (Growth: 2.6)


Force Talent Increases a certain Force by percent (15% Force)
Water Iron Bomb Attack enemy vanguard, growth rate 220%, increased casters Attack Power by 18% for 3 round


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