Inherit Tab

Inherit is the third tab in the Fortify icon. In here, players can transfer the enhancement (fortification) of an equipment to another whether the equipment be equipped or in the bag. Inherit is free.

Inherit is bound by certain conditions:

  1. Enhancement of an equipment can be inherited to 1 equipment only.
  2. When enhancement is inherited, the donor's (the one that the enhancement originates) enhancement will be reduced to 0, the receiver will either be enhanced the same as the donor's original enhancement or less depending on the two equipment.


Players have the option to check "transfer inlayed jade" when inheriting. This action would transfer all jades from the donor to the receiver provided:

1. They have the same number of jades slots available

Equipment A cannot transfer jades to equipment B when Equipment A has 6 jades and Equipment B has only 4 slots.
2. There is a no jade(s) inlayed in the receiver that will block the jade(s) to be transferred.
Equipment A (6 slots with 6 jades) cannot transfer to Equipment B when Equipment B (6 slots also) has one or more jades inlayed.

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