Jonin's Trial

Jounin's Trial is the third category of the Growth Path tab of Road to Hokage. The bracket level of this category is from Lv. 20 to Lv. 30. Tasks unlock depending on player level. Rewards are claimable if tasks are completed. There are two types of tasks and two types of reward are given: Regular Rewards     and VIP Rewards.


The following are the task under the Jounin's Trial along with their respective rewards (regular and VIP) arranged in no particular order:

Task Name Description Regular
Lv 30
Reach Lv. 30
Upgrade to Lv. 30 Medium EXP Scroll*10 Medium EXP Scroll*10
In Arms
In Arms III
Equip 6 Blue or better tools 5,000 silver 5,000 silver
In Arms
In Arms IV
Equip 12 Blue or better tools 10,000 silver 10,000 silver
Fortify Tools III
Fortify tools 10 times 4,000 silver

4,000 silver

Inherit Tools
Inherit tools 1 5,000 silver 5,000 silver
Ramen Makes Money II
Make ramen 5/5 times 5 coupons 5 coupons
Join Clan
Promote Ninja Rank I
Upgrade to Genin Fang 20,000 silver 20,000 silver
Advanced Boost
Boost I
Boost 2 10,000 silver 10,000 silver
Advanced Boost
Boost II
Boost 3 15,000 silver 15,000 silver
Advanced Boost
Advance Boost I
Advance boost 2 2 coupons 2 coupons
Arena I
Challenge other players 1 1,000 silver 1,000 silver
Join one guild 100 coupons 100 coupons
Donate Silver
Donate silver 1 5,000 silver 5,000 silver
Donate gold 1 15,000 silver 15,000 silver
Realm I
Challenge 1 time and win 50,000 silver 50,000 silver
S Weapon
S Weapon I
Equip S Weapon 1 5,000 silver 5,000 silver
In Arms
Reloading All
Reloading all 1
("Change All equip")
5,000 silver 5,000 silver
Janken Task
Blue Soul Janken
Perform Blue Souls Janken 10 times 50,000 silver 50,000 silver

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