Kakuzu Grid

"Akatsuki" member, usually wears a white hood and a black mask, with his eyes being the only visible part of his face. Underneath, his mouth was stitched together at the edges (giving him a glasgow smile) and he had long hair. His eyes have an unusual coloring: green irides, no pupils and red sciera, He is a cruel and greedy man. And his actual age is 91.


Type - Great Jutsu

Formation - Vanguard

Weapon - Kunai

Force - 60 (Growth: 2.5)

Agility - 60 (Growth: 2.4)

Chakra - 60 (Growth: 2.5)

Health - 300 (Growth: 3.2)


Steel Arm Increases a certain defense. (15% Defense)
Atsugai Zukokku Attacks enemy vanguard, growing rate of 150%, increase casters defence by 30% for 3 rounds



  • Kakuzu doesn't have higher Attack Power than Kisame but has a greater defence, thus making him better for PvE (Player vs Environment) rather than PvP (Player vs Player).


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