Kimimaro Grid

He is the strongest one among the Sound Five. The first time he joined, he defeated the Sound Four, and this make other members afaid of his power. But because of his illness, the quest connot be ececuted for a long time, so after Kazekage's death, he quit from the Sound Five.


Type Taijutsu
Formation Assaulter
Weapon Kunai
Force 80 (Growth 2.1)
Agility 50 (Growth 1.6)
Chakra 50 (Growth 1.6)
Health 120 (Growth 1.9)


Force Talent Increases a certain Force by percent (15% Force)
Bracken Dance Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 210%, increase caster's Attack-Rate by 20% for 2 rounds


200 Purple Souls in Tavern at Lv.50

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