Konoha Anniversary Small Grid

It's been a year after Ninja Classic went online.
To thank you for your support, we've prepared a set of Anniversary events and various Benefits for you!
Let's enjoy Ninja Classic's 1st Anniversary party!

Event Info

  1. During the event, log in daily to receive a mystic gift, which will be reset at 0:00 every day.
  2. During the event, top up any amount daily to receive a super reward, which will be reset at 0:00 every day.
  3. During the event, a daily special sale event will be held. Various items will be sold at a low price! Items will be refreshed at 0:00 daily.
  4. After reaching required purchases, you will be able to claim an extra Participation Award.
  5. When the total purchase attempts of all players on a server reach the requirement, the server purchase will be activated (cost Gold). Some of the rewards can be claimed for free. Only a limited quantity available. Grab the chance, claim the reward while you still can!(Each player is limited to buy one)

Daily ClaimEdit

Daily Claims

Fire Altar Log In
Log In Box

Fire Altar Top Up
Top Up Box

Rewards one of the following items randomly Rewards three of the following items randomly
Lv.4 Jade Pack*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*5
Epic EXP Scroll*5
Lv.2 Jade Box*1
Lv.3 Jade Box*2
Lv.4 Jade Box*1
Lv.5 Jade Box*1
Advanced Potency Pill*3
Leap Rune Stone*5
Colorful Spar*2
Special Accessory Material Chest*2
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Colorful Soul*5*1
Gold Evolution Scroll*1
S Weapon Chest*1
Orange Equipment Box*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*10
Epic EXP Scroll*10
Lv.3 Jade Box*1
Lv.4 Jade Box*1
Lv.5 Jade Box*1
Super Potency Pill*1
Leap Rune Stone*5
Colorful Spar*3
Special Accessory Material Chest*3
Basic Fury Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Colorful Soul*10*1
Socket Jade*1

Daily Special SaleEdit

Certain items will be sold for a lower price then normal

Special Sale

Item Price

Participation AwardEdit

Will be unlocked once purchases reach a certain amount.

Participation Packs

Pack Contents
Server Wide Pack 1
500 Reached
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*4
Leap Rune Stone*1
Treasure Talisman*10
Lv.10 Silver Card*10
Server Wide Pack 2
1000 Reached
Perferct Fruit Pack*2
Channeling Scroll*10
Lv.10 Silver Card*30
Server Wide Pack 3
2000 Reached
Super Potency Pill*10
Soul Refining Pill*10
Lv.10 Silver Card*50
Server Wide Pack 4
3000 Reached
LV 7 Jade Box*1
Socket Jade*2
Epic Material Chest*10
Lv.10 Silver Card*100
Server Wide Pack 5
5000 Reached
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*10
Special Accessory Material Chest*10
Orange Equipment Box*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*150
Server Wide Pack 6
8000 Reached
High Fury Jade*1
Colorful Spar*15
S Weapon Box*1*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*200
Server Wide Pack 7
10000 Reached
Super Potency Pill*30
Colorful Soul*10*5
S Weapon Box IX*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*300

Daily Special Sale Participation AwardEdit


Pack Contents
Arrest 50
20 Claims
Lv.3 Force Jade*1
Lv.3 Chakra Jade*1
Lv.3 AGI Jade*1
Lv.3 Power Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*2
Leap Rune Stone*2
Arrest 100
40 Claims
Lv.4 Force Jade*1
Lv.4 Chakra Jade*1
Lv.4 AGI Jade*1
Lv.4 Power Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*4
Leap Rune Stone*4
Arrest 200
60 Claims
Lv.5 Force Jade*1
Lv.5 Chakra Jade*1
Lv.5 AGI Jade*1
Lv.5 Power Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*6
Leap Rune Stone*6
Arrest 500
80 Claims
Lv.6 Force Jade*1
Lv.6 Chakra Jade*1
Lv.6 AGI Jade*1
Lv.6 Power Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*8
Leap Rune Stone*8
Arrest 1000
100 Claims
Lv.7 Force Jade*1
Lv.7 Chakra Jade*1
Lv.7 AGI Jade*1
Lv.7 Power Jade*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*10
Leap Rune Stone*10

Event Info

  1. During the event, players can collect rewards from the blessing tree when It's ripe.
  2. After claiming the reward from the tree, the tree will level up by 1 level automatically.
  3. The tree can be upgraded to Lv.10 at most. The higher the tree's level, the better the reward it produces.
  4. During the event, players can receive watering chances by topping up. Topping up 500 Gold can earn you a chance to water the tree each time. When you run out of watering chances, you may spend Gold to water the tree. 100 Gold is required each time.
  5. Watering the tree can reduce its ripen time by 6 hours each time.
  6. After watering the tree, you may receive a lucky draw chance to have a chance for super items.

Blessing Tree RewardsEdit

Level Head Neck Jade Amulet Bangles Bracelet Gloves Ring
91 Akatsuki Headwear Akatsuki Necklace Akatsuki Pendant Akatsuki Amulet Akatsuki Bracelet Akatsuki Handchain Akatsuki Gloves Akatsuki Ring
Stats Force 2500 Set Effect: Hit rate+20% Chakra 2500 Set Effect: Avoid injury rate+5% Agility 2500 Set Effect: Damage Rate+5% Power 12000 Set Effect: Aid Rate+10%

Top up chanceEdit

You have a chance to get one of these items each time you water the tree.

Lv.4 Jade Pack*1
Akatsuki's Treasure*1
LV 4 Jade Box*1
Super Potency Pill*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Socket Jade*1
Lv.10 Silver Card*5
Leap Rune Stone*5

Items Description
Akatsuki Treasure

Akatsuki Treasure

Obtain 1 item below: Akatsuki's Set Part*1
LV 6 Jade Box*1
LV 7 Jade Box*1
Lv.3 Jade Pack*1
Lv.4 Jade Pack*1
Basic Fury Jade*2
General Recruit Proof*3
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*3
Lv.10 Silver Card*10
Treasure Talisman*30
Channeling Scroll*30

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