Konoha Izakaya Small Grid
Event was first added 12 January 2015 and lasts for 6 days.

Konoha Izakaya Grid

Event Info

  1. During the event, player can spend Gold or Coupon change into points ( 1 point = 1 gold/coupon), the points can make dishes.
  2. Each dish cooked (100% Complete) can get bonus (rewards sent via mail).
  3. There are 4 types of dishes, player must cook each dish one by one.
  4. Daily consumption over 1000 points in continuous 5 days will get 5% bonus on the 6th day.

Note: Cumulative bonus on the 6th day need to be claimed manually.


Below are the appropriate points needed to unlock a dish and the rewards associated with the dish.

Tempura Coupon*40
Epic Exp Scroll*2
Soul Refining Pill*3
Channeling Scroll*5
Treasure Talisman*5

Sent in 5 times.
4000 Points
Tenshinhan Coupon*160
Leap Rune Stone*5
Channeling Scroll*10
Treasure Talisman*10

Sent in 5 times.
12000 Points
Teriyaki Rice Coupon*360
Perfect Fruit Pack*1
Colorful Spar*2
Channeling Scroll*15
Treasure Talisman*15

Sent in 5 times.
24000 Points
Seafood Rice Coupon*800
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Super Potency Pill*2
Channeling Scroll*20
Treasure Talisman*20

Sent in 5 times.
44000 Points

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