Konoha Festival Icon

The biggest annual celebration of Konoha Village-Konoha Festival has arrived! Hospitable Konoha ninjas has prepared a great party for us with countless free gifts! Let`s join this carnival in Konoha Village now!

Konoha Village Fireworks

Konoha Village Party

Event Rules:

  1. During the event, log into the game as required to receive a free gift pack.
  2. Login days will be counted into your Total Login days. If you stop logging in midway, the count will reset to 1.

Consecutive Login Rewards:

  • 3rd Day  - Channeling Scroll [10] Golden Ninja Soul [10]
    Lv.5 Silver Card [1] Soul Refining Pill [1]
  • 6th Day  - Treasure Talisman [10] S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1]
    Large EXP Scroll [1] Channeling Scroll [1]
  • 10th Day - Soul Refining Pill [10] Lv.3 Jade Box [2]
    Common Material Chest [1] Treasure Talisman [1]
  • 15th Day - Lv.10 Silver Card [5] Colorful Spar [2]
    Treasure Talisman [1] Lv.5 Silver Card [1]
  • 20th Day - S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1] Lv.4 Jade Box [1]
    Large EXP Scroll [1] Channeling Scroll [1]

Total Log-in Rewards:

  • Available on 1/28:
    S Weapon Enhance Talisman [2]
    Golden Ninja Soul [20]
    Treasure Talisman [1]
    Lv.10 Silver Card [1]
  • Avialable on 1/31:
    Lv.5 Jade Box [1]
    Colorful Spar [5]
    Channeling Scroll [1]
    Epic Material Chest [1]
  • Available on 2/05:
    Socket Jade [1]
    S Weapon Enhance Talisman [2]
    Treasure Enhance Talisman [1]
    Lv.10 Silver Card [1]
  • Available on 2/09:
    Basic Fury Jade [2]
    Colorful Soul [10]*1
    Epic EXP Scroll [1]

Light the Fireworks Reward:

S Weapon Enhance Talisman [5]
Lv.4 Jade Box [2]
Colorful Spar [5]
Colorful Soul [5]*5

Richer Konoha Village

Happy fish scooping. Awesome gifts await.

Richer Konoha Village

Event Rules:

  1. During the event, top up the required amount of gold to recieve free gift pack. The more you top up, the more gift packs.
  2. You can also get scooping chances. Every top-up of 500 gold will get yoou one fish scooping chance. You may win gold, silver and massive items from the fish scooping.

Top-up Bonus

Top-up any amount of gold to recieve "fishbag."

S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1]
Lv. 4 Jade Box [1]
Lv. 10 Silver Card [10]
Channeling Scroll [5]
Treasure Talisman [5]

Lucky Fish Scooping

Click the pond to catch fish.

Red Fish
Possible Rewards
Possible Rewards
S Weapon Box VIII [1]
Basic Fury Jade [1]
S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1]
Colorful Spar [1]
Golden Ninja Soul [10]
Treasure Talisman [10]
Possible Rewards
Shura•Jizo Chest [1]
Lv. 4 Jade Box [1]
Lv. 10 Silver Card [5]
Colorful Soul [5]*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1]
Channeling Scroll [10]
Possible Rewards
Epic Fury Jade [1]
Lv. 1 Jade Pack [1]
Socket Jade [1]
Colorful Spar [1]
Soul Refining Pill[10]
S Weapon Enhance Talisman [1]
Super Gold Fish
Possible Rewards

Drum Master

Konoha village`s festival never misses music. And this time, they`ve added Japanese special drum Taiko to make the festival happier. If you join the taiko contest, you`ll have a chance to win superb prizes. Let`s sing and dance together, it`s party time!
Drum Master

Event Rules:

  1. Challenge stages for a chance to get random amount of Drum Spirit. Collect reqired number of Drum Spirit to receive drum gift pack.
  2. By beating the drum, you can receive more Drum Spirit.
  3. You may enter the ranking by collecting Drum Spirit and win a Ninja, title and gift pack.

Beat the Drum

Beat drum can win more Drum Spirit and items. You can beat drum for free 3 times a day and pay 100 gold for every more chance. You can beat drum no more than 10 times a day. (

  • Note: The News rules on beating the drum is different in the game. The News states the words above, while in the game you can only beat the drum once (1) per day for free and can use gold/coupons for additional tries up to 100x per day.)

Drum Master Great Benefits

Drum Spirit Rewards
Normal Drum Box

Normal Drum Box
Lv. 3 Jade Box*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*2
Channeling Scroll*10
Advanced Drum 1K

Advanced Drum Box
Lv. 4 Jade Box*1
Soul Refining Pill*10
Colored Kage's Soul*10

Fancy Drum 2K


Fancy Drum Box
Lv. 3 Jade Pack*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*3
Lv. 10 Silver Card*10
4 Luxury Drum Box

Luxury Drum Box
Lv. 6 Jade Box*1
Colored Kage's Soul*20
Treasure Talisman*20

Epic Drum Box

Chance to win:
Drum Chest*1(Randomly get Lv.8 S. Weapon*1)

100% obtain:
Lv. 4 Jade Pack*1
S Weapon Enhance Talisma*5
Colored Kage's Soul*20
Lv. 10 Silver Card*10

Lv. 8 S Weapon Chest

Rainbow Blade
STR S Weapon - STR + 1650 (Max 11740)
Magic Mirror
INT S Weapon - INT + 1650 (Max 11740):
Feather Fan
AGI S Weapon - AGI + 1650 (Max 11740)
Rose Gourd
HP S Weapon - HP + 1650 (Max 11740)

STR - Force
INT - Chakra
AGI - Agility
HP - Power
Drum Master
Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Madara

Mysterious Mask

Mask is a must-have for a festival. It is said that wearing a mask and dance will bring luck. The mask in Ultimate Naruto can not only bring you good luck, but lead you to the legendary top ninja. The journey of treasure seeking is always full of dangers. We hope you could display your strength and become a legendary ninja!

Mysterious Mask

Event Rules:

  1. 1.You can click the mask for free 3 times a day.
  2. When 3 free chances are used up, you can spend gold to click the mask.
  3. While getting Ninja Amulet and items, there's a chace to advance to next mask. If advancement fails, it will return to the first mask.
  4. Accumulate ninja amulet to a certain number can redeem lucky bag and ninja.

Mask Description

Mask Requirements Contents
200 Gold to unlock 1 Ninja Amulet
10-20 Drum Spirits
200 Gold to unlock 2 Ninja Amulets
30-40 Drum Spirits
200 Gold to unlock 3 Ninja Amulets
50-60 Drum Spirits
200 Gold to unlock 4 Ninja Amulets
70-80 Drum Spirits
200 Gold to unlock 5 Ninja Amulets
90-100 Drum Spirits

Redeem Amulet

Accumulating certain amount of Ninja Amulet allows you to redeem any (or all) of the following items:

Name of Bag
Amulets Needed
Bag1 - Peaceful
Lv. 4 Jade Box*1
Lv. 10 Silver Card*10
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*1
Colored Kage's Soul*10
Bag1 - Lucky
Lv. 5 Jade Box*2
Colorful Spar*10
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*5
Soul Refining Pill*10
Bag1 - Blessed
Lv. 3 Jade Pack*1
Perfect Fruit Pack*6
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*10
Epic EXP Scroll*50
Colored Kage's Soul*60
Socket Jade*6
Lv. 10 Silver Card
Bag1 - God of Wealth
Lv. 4 Jade Pack*1
Perfect Fruit Pack*10
S Weapon Enhance Talisman*20
Colorful Spar*50
Epic EXP Scroll*50
Colored Kage's Soul*150
Socket Jade*10
Special Redeem Amulets Needed
Toad Sage Big Icon

Toad Sage
400 Ninja Amulets

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