Maito Gai-A
7110676 orig

Maito Gai or better known as Might Guy claim himself as "Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey". Speed and energy capacities are his strong points. He called Hatake Kakashi as lifelong rival and has revealed battle with Kakashi with the score of 50 win and 49 lost.


Type Great Jutsu
Formation Vanguard
Weapon  Kunai
Force 40 (Growth: 1.7)
Agility 40 (Growth: 1.8)
Chakra 30 (Growth: 1.5)
Health 280 (Growth: 2.2)


Dodge Talent Increases a certain dodge rate. (18% Dodge rate)
Daytime Tiger Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 90%, increases caster's dodge rate by 20% for 3 rounds



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