Anime Ninja Ninja Classic - Cross-Platform Raidcall03:09

Anime Ninja Ninja Classic - Cross-Platform Raidcall


Raidcall Multiplatform Chat for NC/UN/ANEdit

Hello everyone, A joined chat has been created and is awaiting your arrival. Everyone is welcome to join, and we will be happy to accept everyone! To join, 

go to and download the chat.

If you need help getting to the chat please follow the instructions or post below and someone will be happy to help you. Thank you 

Specific Instructions to get to the chat Edit

1. Go to and download the chat -click download, then click download on the new page-.

2. After it has finished downlaoding, click it and install it like every other download ever.

3. While it is installing make a raidcall account.

4. After it is installed and your raidcall account has been made, open up raidcall and sign in.

5. After signed in, use the "search" are at the top left, and search for the chat ID 9170570. 

6. Go into chat and have fun, since that is what the chat was made for! :D

Raidcall for Mac Edit

If you are on a Mac go to and download the chat. Then procede to go to and register an account.

Opportunities within the chat Edit

1. Recruiting Opportunity Edit

We are currently trying to recruit more people, and for a limited time we are are offering a chance to get your own channel within the chat. If you recruit 5 people from your server, you can get your own channel within the chat. It can be used for anything from a guild channel for reminders for your guild, to a hang out for you and a few of your friends.

2. Badges in the Chat Edit

Raidcall offer many different "badges". A badge is a image that appears beside your name while inside any raidcall chat. We are in the process of gaining our own badge for people with 500+ contribution in the chat *1 contribution = 1 hour in the chat*. If you join and get 500 contribution, you have a chance to earn our badge. If you are interested in designing our badge, please contact Bobisbadmand on raidcall, and he will give you more information.

3. Special Chat Events Edit

A few good people will be doing chat events. The winners of these events will be given gold for the rewards. These rewards are provided by players and not by the game. If you have a problem with these rewards, the game is not at fault if you are a winner and you do not get the gold immediately. Please do not contact any game admins, or mods, and only contact the person hosting the events.

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