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Naruto Uzumaki has blond, spikey hair and blue eyes which he has inherited from his parents. He also has whisker marks on his face although he is a ninja in the Konoha Ninja Village. He belongs to the Uzumaki clan, The 4th Hokage has sealed the 9-Tailed Fox into Naruto's body when he was still a baby.



Formation - Assaulter

Type - Taijutsu

Weapon - Kunai

Force - 80 (Growth Rate - 2.1)

Chakra - 50 (Growth Rate - 1.4)

Agility - 80 (Growth Rate - 1.6)

HP - 130 (Growth Rate - 1.8)

Skill / PassiveEdit

Passive - Bond, Increases a certain force by percent. (15% Force)

Skill - Tailed Beast Mode (Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 190%, decrease enemy's dodge rate by 25% for 3 rounds.)


You will recruit Naruto when you have signed in on the 7th day. Then go to your bag and you can start using him at Level 50.

The Nine-Tail Naruto (Upgraded Naruto)Edit

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Naruto just became a killing machine, laying destruction to everything in his path.


Formation - Assaulter

Type - Taijutsu

Formation - Kunai

Force - 120 (Growth Rate - 2.7)

Chakra - 120 (Growth Rate - 2.1)

Agility - 120 (Growth Rate - 2.4)

HP - 250 (Growth Rate - 3.0)


Skill / PassiveEdit

Passive - Tailed Beast's Power, Increases a certain Force by percent, naturally has 5% Damage Rate. (15% Force)

Skill - Tailed Beast Bomb (Attacking enemy vanguard growing rate 235%, decrease enemy's dodge rate by 35% for 3 rounds.)


In order to upgrade Naruto you require 310 Primary Recruit Proofs and 300 Purple Souls. As well as level 60.


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