Ninja Bond Small Grid

"Ninja Bonds" is an implementation of the September 17, 2014 update. It offers a new bonus for owned ninjas, which is upgradable with souls.

  • Tab 1 bonds
  • Tab 2 bonds
  • Tab 3 bonds
  • Tab 4 bonds
  • Tab 5 Bonds
  • Tab 6 Bonds
  • Ninja Bond unlocks once the player reach Lv.32.
  • Collect all Ninjas of a "Team" to activate the "Team Bonus"
  • Upgrade the "Team Bonus" with Souls
  • Once a Ninja has been obtained it will stay in the bond even if the Ninja is removed from Team or Ninja Hotel.
  • Mystic Bonds such as "Yellow Flash" increase all the Bonds by 20% for that tab only.
  • Max. "Team Bonus" is Lvl 100
  • Ninja Bond Bonus