Ninja Clash
Ninja Clash is the next stage of Elite Match. After competing on Elite Match and making up to top 50, players automatically compete to Ninja Clash the next day. Based on their performances, they can win items and titles.
Ninja clash h


  1. Top 50 players in the Elite Match can attend Ninja Clash from 0:00PM till the 9:45PM next day.
  2. Players can freely challenge other players who are 5 ranks higher than them. If a player win, he gets the loser's rank.
  3. Players can see the ranking  in the Ninja Clash at 9:45PM every day and receive the rewards in their mails.
  4. Players can get different Titles that are valid for 1 day based on their ranks in the Ninja Clash.
  5. Title rewards will be mailed to players  in a title chest. Simply click "use" to get titles.
  6. Apart from title rewards, players can also get "Colored Kage's Souls" and Challenge Orders based on their ranks.


The following are the rewards on Ninja Clash based on rankings.

Rewards Ranking Contents
No 1 No. 1 No.1 NinjaTitle
Challenge Order +100
Colored Kage's Soul*40
No 2 - No 5 No. 2 - No. 5 Legendary Ninja Title
Challenge Order +65~80
Colored Kage's Soul*30
No 6 - No 20 No. 6 - No. 20 Top Ninja Title
Challenge Order +50~60
Colored Kage's Soul*25
No 21 - No 50 No. 21 - No. 50 Elite NinjaTitle
Challenge Order +20-45
Colored Kage's Soul*20

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